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I understand your point of view, b ut. Also remove everything in this list from your library. They answered the questions well.

Can I say something in it? I couldn’t agree more. This course is also available as a direct digital download. While there are a few questions that every candidate is usually asked, most of them revolve around different topics. If you read the task above carefully, you will notice the following features:.

Listen to your partner. How do you say your profession or your course of study in English?

Thank you Where are you from? Whenever I have a serious problem I ask my mum or my dad for advice.


In the first p icture, I’m afraid I don’t agree with you. Basically, you should avoid the following typical mistakes in every speaking test:. That’s a good point, but I s till think. What are your vie ws on.

Are yo u happy with this order then? I’m not sure about that.

FCE Speaking Test Part 1 – Cambridge English: First (FCE / B2)

Shall we start with this pi cture? I forgot to mention Speaoing doing the first part of the FCE Speaking test, you must really make an effort to answer concisely yet with a complete answer. Asking for an opinion What do you think? Here are your photographs.

Cambridge English: First (FCE-B2) – Speaking Test Part 2

How can I put this? There are many similarities What do you think about it? While ge nerally agree ing with X, I must say that Possible improvements XI would prefer the car because of the teat …because of the comfort noun a car is more comfortable, and convenient XThe last decade has been very improving the technologiesX — Technology has improved a lot during the last decade.

Are you going to do anything special this weekend? Sign up to vote on this title. Another important difference is. Addin g t o what X has just said, I think Shall we try to come to an agreement?

They appears to be. What shall we do first? I am convinced that I don’t feel convinced But in general, candidates feel that this is the easiest part of the exam. Dejar nuevo Cambridge English: But remember, these candidates are not perfect, so try to learn from speaing mistakes rather than make them yours!

The man app ears to be. So, let’s decide which one XThe last decade has been very improving the technologiesX — Technology has improved a lot during the last decade.