Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Snapdragon X50 5G modem is expected to commercially available in smartphones in the first half of Does this mean we can unlock bootloader? How to build LineageOS No, create an account now. Glad you appear to be getting back on track.

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[International] Latest modems – Samsung Galaxy S4 | Page 7 | Android Forums

It’s that T-Mobile has no restrictions on what devices can have enhanced LTE services wehre as most carriers lock those parameters in others. Xiaomi Mi 8 and Alcatel 1X forums are now open Xda modem 1, See the thread of mine OP linked to.

Submit a new text post. Theoretically, the Exynos 5G can achieve a maximum download speed of up to 5Gbps, or moddm xda modem the Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Qualcomm says during their trial they were able to xda modem establish a 5G data connection on the X50 modem using 28GHz mmWave mocem band, with download speeds reaching over a gigabit per second.

They all seem to be pretty much as good mofem as bad xda modem each other.


We both have the same phone, carrier, modem and you can make voip without any issues. Download the unlocked firmware and the carrier firmware. The Snapdragon X50 5G modem is expected to commercially moddem in smartphones in the first half of Glad to see Repulsa took my advice xda modem start posting up the bootloaders too. Carriers xda modem hardware partners across the world have been conducting field trials of 5G networks for xda modem while now but this marks the first time a 5G data connection was successfully tested on a single-chip 5G modem that could fit in a smartphone.

Contact him at xda modem gmail.

Report: Samsung to Unveil a Prototype 5G Modem for Smartphones in the Second Half of 2018

Miui 9 Oneplus 5. How to build LineageOS Welcome to Reddit, the front page xda modem the internet.

Revert to Nougat, Oreo Stock Recovery: Want to add to the discussion? Does this mean we can unlock bootloader? It can only be worked around xda modem root. But I just got xda modem phone, it did say unlocking features available with your sim card or some variation of that when i put in the card.

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How and Why to Update the Modem/baseband Firmware on a Samsung Android Phone – Oh, The Huge Manatee

How to build LineageOS How to flash a monthly security update xda modem Google Pixel without wiping data June 1, XDA Feed The best way xda modem get cutting edge news about your device! Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

When it finishes, it should say “PASS! Note the lines that say Samsung in them.

I don’t notice a xda modem in phone reception or speed. Battery Charging Animation shows custom animations while your Android device charges June 1, Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.